Mail To:
P.O. BOX 56
Benton, KS 67017
Check may be made payable to RWD #5
24 - Hour deposit :
Drop slot in the office front door inside porch.
RWD #5
700 N. Main 
Benton, KS

NOTE!  A $0.70 online convenience fee is applied to checking/savings payments.  A 3% online convenience fee is applied to credit card payments. If you have multiple accounts, they must be entered separately to be credited to the proper account.

Checks or Credit/Debit Cards by Phone Call :
Call our office for this service (316)778-1631
Monthly Automatic Debit (ACH)

Contact our office to request the authorization agreement for this service. (316)778-1631. No convenience fee for this option.


A Monthly base rate (Minimum Charge) of $25.00 is charged each month.This does not include any water. When water is used the current rate is $6.80 per 1,000 gallons in addition to the minimum charge.


Payment Due Dates:

The District reads it meters the last week of the month.Bills will be mailed the last working day of the month. Bills are post -card style unless you have multiple bills then they will be in an envelope. Payment is due on or before the 20TH of the month. If your payment is mailed and the envelope is postmarked on or before the 20TH no late charges will be applyed. If your envelope is postmark the 21 ST or later,late charges will apply. A 10% late fee is assessed on all past due balances.If payments are 2 months delinquent, the meter will be locked and a 100.00 fee will be added. Returned Check Fee is $30.00

The District is a Sensus radio read metering system...See Details at

Butler Rural Water  No.5
700 N. Main
P. O Box 56
Benton, Kansas 67017
Phone 316-778-1631 Fax 316-778-1931

Pay your Bill

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